Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

This Christmas was a million times better than last Christmas.

Last Christmas wasn't so fun because Payton had just been born and I was still really sore {and hormonal} from having a c-section.

Also, I didn't put much thought or effort into the gifts I gave know...I JUST had a baby.  And that's one of my favorite parts of Christmas...GIVING gifts.

Also, because I was a new, stressed-out, sore, and hormonal mommy I never really got in the TRUE Christmas spirit.  I think I was too engrossed in the whole new-mommy thing that I never really thought about the birth of Christ.  Let me tell ya...I WILL NEVER LET THAT HAPPEN AGAIN!

So THIS Christmas I did my best to keep my mind on Christ.

I thought a lot about our Savior's birth and everything else surrounding it.  I thought about Mary bringing the Son of God into this world and how heavy of a burden BUT also blessing that must have been to her!  I thought about the sacredness of it all and the humble way he came into this world --- in a stable.

So this Christmas the ornaments that I bought represented our Savior's birth.

This Christmas was more fun also because Payton was older.  Yes, she's only 1 and didn't understand what was going on at all, but she enjoyed opening presents and playing with her new gifts!  It's true when they say that Christmas is more fun as a parent than as a child.

Merry Christmas, Ya'll!

Can you believe I actually sent out Christmas Cards?
Meeting Santa at Bass Pro Shop
Christmas Eve breakfast at Rudy's.  Walking around with Cousin Brooke.
All dressed up and looking all grown up for church the Sunday before Christmas.
These antlers had bells on them and she would shake her head when she wore them so she could hear them jingle.  Or she would take it off and play with it instead of wearing it.
This girl was IN LOVE with the Christmas tree.  Her favorite was pointing {and trying to grab} all the ornaments.
She got a wagon for Christmas and it was an instant hit.
Watching the fire daddy made to burn all the boxes and wrapping paper.
She also got blocks and loves them.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

South Padre Island-Pay's First Visit to the Beach

We spent the weekend after Thanksgiving on South Padre Island.  The highlight of the trip was definitely taking Pay to the beach. She had a blast!

By the way, I tried an aerial on the beach and I did it.  And it was surprisingly easy peasy!  My back killed afterward, but still...I could do it!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Payton's 1st Birthday Party

We threw a little party to celebrate both husband's and Payton's birthdays since they are only a week apart.

It was just me, hubby, Pay, Grammy, Poppy, Amber, Brooke, and Tatum.

Brooke went with me to Party City to get Pay a birthday crown {should have gotten one for husband too!} and since she had never seen streamers before we got some of those too and she helped me put them up!

I made a strawberry JELL-O cake for's a family tradition.  And I made a Pina Colada poke cake for's his fave.

I ended up stacking a piece of each cake for Payton's Smash Cake.  It was ugly.  BUT OH SO YUMMY!

She was mesmerized by the candle. Curious about the whip cream.  And then upset because daddy smashed some of the cake in her face.  It was HILARIOUS!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Our Payton is One! When did that happen?

It's kind of a surreal thing to see your child grow up.

I used to look at people who would get all nostalgic and sad about their children growing up and think, "Why are you crying over your kid getting older?  They're more 'fun' when they're older and more independent!"  Well, this past month I got a big ol' smack in my ignorant face.

Many. Many. Many. Many times I found myself looking at old pictures of Payton and reading her birth story and getting misty-eyed.  Ok...let's be real.  I was a big baby wishing I could hold my brand-new, crying-all-the-time, sweet smelling, super soft, itty bitty, and sleepy baby girl again.

Husband thought I had gone cray cray.

There's a special feeling you get when your baby first comes into your world.  It is life-altering.  Your world has changed for all eternity.  This little bundle of joy is yours for forever.  FOR-E-VER!  And it is magical.

It is also scary, terrifying, and exhausting, exhausting, exhausting.

But still, it is absolutely wonderful!  And you discover an all new type of love.  You love this itty bitty baby so much you immediately will do anything to protect it.

And then your baby is ONE!


Where did the time go?  Seriously.  Time flies!  And you love your not-so-itty-bitty TODDLER even more than the moment you first held her in your arms.

Anyway, our little Payton Liberty is ONE now and we just love her more and more each day.

She surprises us everyday with new things she has learned and figured out.  She makes us laugh everyday.  Lately she hasn't been the greatest sleeper and we find ourselves getting frustrated...' know...we're TIRED!  But then in the morning when she wakes up and is all smiley and giggly we forget about the fact that she got up in the middle of the night with no intention on going back to bed anytime soon.

How can you get mad when your baby smiles at you, reaches for you, squeezes you back when you pick her up and hug her, and gives you a big, open-mouthed kiss on the cheek?  You can't!!!

Now that she is ONE...

has 6 teeth
walks with her push and ride car all around the house
is starting to try to talk a lot more
is a picky eater {I'm not happy about this!!!!}
waves HI and BYE
starts to bounce, shake, and wave her arms the moment she hears music
wants to hold books and read them all by herself
is very opinionated about everything and will let you know if she likes something or doesn't
will sit on her push and ride car and push herself around
mostly doesn't like to be held
enjoys playing with cars and says "MMMMMM!" when she plays with them
is OBSESSED with her blankie and binkie
naps twice a day still {on most days}
is nursing just twice a day
has crazy, straight hair that I have no idea what to do with
has a toy phone and will bring it up to her ear and talk
is my little copy-cat
says momma usually when she's mad or sad
LOVES her daddy

Her stats:
28 inches long {13th percentile}
19 lbs {38th percentile}

Probably my favorite thing that she does now is when you ask her "What does a cow say?"  She says, "Mooooooo!"  When you ask her, "What does a sheep say?"  She says, "Bababababa!"  And she growls when you ask her, "What does a lion say?"  We're working on saying "Ooh ooh, Ah Ah!"  when we ask her, "What does a monkey say?"

We seriously love this girl to the moon and back and couldn't imagine our life without her!

And while I miss her being an Itty Bitty baby, I absolutely adore watching her grow and learn new things!  I am one proud momma!  And I love to see how much husband is proud of her and to see how much he loves her.  It's the greatest!

{End of cheesy post!}

Now onto a million pictures!  I can't help it.