Friday, January 27, 2012

The grass is greener on the other side...literally!

Husband and I have now been in Texas for a grand total of 119 days {4-ish months}
It's still crazy to me that we made this move...and that we did it so quickly.

And so far I'm still very happy with our decision to move here!

That doesn't mean though that I don't miss Arizona.  I'm really missing...

{My family...especially these munchkins!}
That face is seriously so cute!!!!

{Arizona Roads/Freeways}

Seriously people, the roads in Houston STINK!!!!  A lot of them are old with cracks.  They are almost ALWAYS congested with traffic.  None of them actually go North/South or East/West.  Many of them are beautiful with huge trees lining the medians, but they also have stop signs every block.  And one of the main freeways to go downtown is tolled so you have to take surface streets to avoid paying the toll.  Stupid.

Especially this one!

However, there are some In-N-Out's in Dallas.  Husband and I actually took a daycation to Dallas JUST so that we could go to In-N-Out.  We had it 3 times while were were there...all in one day.  Actually when we first got there {just before 10 am, 'cause we left Houston at 6 am} the regional manager was there and heard our story, so that first meal was free!  Holla!

And I miss going to the grocery store, or going out to eat, or even just driving down the street and seeing people that I know.  It's kinda weird for me to live somewhere where I really don't know many people.



There are a lot of things that I love about Houston, TX!

{People here say "Yes, ma'am!"} 
or "Thank you, ma'am!" or "Can I help you with that, ma'am?" Which makes me feel kinda old, but I also kinda love it.  It's that southern charm that really makes me love the people here.

{These bumper stickers...}
And yes.  I do actually see these bumper stickers on cars around here.

And my favorite...

{Green grass, trees, and something called RAIN}
Which I've only ever heard about until I moved here.

And now that I'm teaching more dance it's beginning to feel more like HOME.

Oh, and husband's work schedule is MUCH better now!
{No more working on Sundays!!!!!}

PS...Mason comes home from his mission on March 9th.  Husband and I are going to AZ then to see him!  I'm seriously so excited!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012...You've got big shoes to fill!

I don't think there is any way that 2012 could possibly top 2011.

2011 was by far the best year of my life.  Here's why...

Met Nick
(technically that was in 2010, but it was at the end or 2010 so it counts!)
Dated Nick
Went to Vegas with Nick and met his parents
Got engaged to Nick
Married Nick in Mesa, AZ Temple
Went to Rocky Point for Honeymoon with Nick
Gained a whole new family
Ate at In-N-Out a lot
Sold a house
Moved to Texas
Bought our year-supply
Put together our 72-hour kits
Learned to bake good bread
Taught lots of dance to awesome students
Went to Disneyland
Became more informed and opinionated about politics and local, national, and world issues

And while I hesitate to write down any New Year's Resolutions, here are the things that husband and I have already been, and hope to continue, working on...

Decide on a home to buy
(city or country or somewhere in-between)
Become more self-reliant
Continue to add to our year supply
Stay in shape/get in better shape
(running together is actually one of our faves)
Pray often
Cook new things
Stay informed
Balance Balance Balance
Enjoy life
Love each other more and more each day!
(that one shouldn't be hard to do)

{WELCOME 2012!}

Monday, January 2, 2012

Our First Christmas

Well, I guess technically our first Christmas together was last Christmas.
Which was spent with my family.
At our cabin.
With 11 adults.
5 little-ones.
Cramped quarters.
Playing games with my family where my brothers were on their best behavior...NOT!
And it was freezing outside.

Oh, and did I mention that we had only been dating less than a month.
Oh, and that he comes from a MUCH smaller family.

We only stayed one night, but it still amazes me that even through it all he was such a great sport and still wanted to continue dating me.

He must have really liked me.

This Christmas was spent in Houston with husband's family.
My first Christmas away from "home."
Honestly, it was kinda hard 'cause I really missed my fam...especially my nieces and nephews.
But it was fun to be a part of new family traditions.

We spent the majority of Christmas Eve
sitting around the fireplace
discussing politics
arguing about politics
being entertained by Brooke
(the one and only grandchild...she's 4)
playing some games
being entertained some more by Brooke
arguing some more about who knows what
laughing some more
and then finishing it off with a viewing of JOY TO THE WORLD!

Christmas morning we
went to church
(with Elder Scott...his daughter is in our ward)
opened presents
hung out by the fireplace
ate yummy Christmas lunch
hung out some more by the fireplace
drank yummy hot cocoa
discussed/argued lots of things
and did a lot of playing with Brooke and her new toys!

we skyped with my fam!!!
I love Skype.
I got to see all my nieces and nephews and talk to them.
Oh, and my parents and my brothers, sister, and sister-in-laws.
Elliot came up and with his sweet voice told us, "Merry Christmas!"
Landon did his famous stare, obviously in shock over seeing us after so long,
and finished it off with a cute "Merry Christmas" as well.
Emery showed us her ballet dance.
Ian sang "Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer" and showed us his "hilarious" cowboy boots like Uncle Nick's.
Paige blew us some kisses and gave some really valiant attempts at saying our names.
And Jamison gave us the cutest little smiles.
We also did our sibling Christmas gift exchange.
The kiddos did the nativity...which was pretty much total chaos but totally cute!
Then mom came out with a huge bucket of presents for the kids to unwrap. chaos.
All the while Nick and I are sitting in our quiet house watching this all on the internet.
I love modern technology!

And then a couple of hours later
Elder Mason Rhett Crandell called!!!
Can you believe that he comes home in 10ish weeks????????