Monday, August 5, 2013

8 months!

Payton is 8 months old and

loves to smile and giggle
is starting to eat more solid food
uses her "pincers" to pick up cereal puffs to feed herself
LOVES her baby food
now likes to hang out on her tummy
is starting to "crawl" backwards and in circles
is very easily distracted and is getting much more difficult to breastfeed
likes to sit in the grocery cart like a big girl and gets LOTS of compliments
LA LA LOVES my keys
is starting to take just 2 naps a day
has two teeth JUST about to surface
{but OH can I tell they are there when she chomps down on my finger when I try to feel them!!!}
still loves Baby Einstein
LOVES to watch concerts on Blu-Ray even more
{Coldplay and Celine Dion are her joke}

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Baby Jayne

Tannis and Thomas Manning have welcomed their new bundle of joy!

Jayne Manning
July 30, 2013
12:03 AM
7 lbs 5 oz
20 in

She is absolutely adorable and I can't wait 'till the end of the month 
when I get to see her and give her kisses!