Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 2015

Playing with her train set she got for Christmas.
LOVING her hair...just took her braids out :)

Churo from Costco

Amber had to go to the dentist so I watched her kids for her.
Payton loved having Brooke, Tatum, and Brandon over.

Love spending time outside when the weather is nice.
 Love that blond streak in her's curly too.

Never too young to put her to work ;)

All pretty for church.

Had a blast helping daddy wash his truck.
I think she had more fun playing with the soapy bubbles in the water.

We planted this tree in the middle of the backyard about a year ago.
It's fun watching these two grow together.

Bear Branch Park (again)

Grammy and Poppy got Pay this cute little swing set for Christmas.
She loves helping daddy!

Eating cereal is her new favorite.

Nick with all the (current) grand kids. Haha!

At the park Payton didn't want to play on the playground, she just wanted to wear the other kids' helmets.

Love these two more than anything!!
And I love how much they love each other.

Mommy and Pay are on our way to Arizona again!

First stop...In-N-Out!

Fun in Grandma Susie's backyard with cousins.

Dress up!

Silly selfies with mommy!
My little copy-cat!