Monday, March 31, 2014

March 2014

March is the month when Pay began to become more of a toddler than a baby.  Not only is she moving around a lot better/quicker, but she is trying so desperately to communicate with us.

Pay said her first official word {other than momma and dada}...she said CHEESE!  Well, more like "Chzzzzzz." But it is adorable. I guess I feed her a lot of cheese. I just asked her, "What's this?" while cutting some up and she excitedly shouted,"CHZZZZZZZ!" I asked her a few more times to make sure it wasn't a fluke and each time I asked she said the same thing.

Soon after she began trying to say other words. Most don't sound anything like what it is, but she is really trying.

She can also say CRACKER "craka" now.

Her stats:
30 1/4 inches long {40th percentile}
20 lbs 2 oz {35th percentile}

We visited the Scardino's in our ward and had a blast seeing all their animals---goats {including 3 kids}, a dog, chickens, and bunnies.

Spent time out front and became obsessed with picking flowers

The Disney movie Frozen came out and we became big fans.  Pay was completely entranced with it and immediately began dancing with each song.

She began to climb. Boo.

Here are some more random pictures throughout the month.