Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 2014

July can be described in one word...


Like, REALLY hot.

And steamy.

It is so stinkin' humid here I don't even know why I bother showering and washing my hair because you are pretty much drenched in sweat the moment you walk outside. {Okay, that MIGHT be a slight exaggeration.}

Thank HEAVEN for air conditioning.

Again, I wonder how the pioneers did it.

Pay and I spent most of July inside or at the pool.  Here's what we did the rest of our time during July.

Celebrated America's Birthday!  
Payton's middle name is Liberty, so yeah, we kinda love America and the freedoms we have here.  

One day it was cloudy and not THAT hot and we HAD to get out of the house so I was a good mom and took Pay to the park.

Nick got a new (used) truck!  This is THE truck he's always wanted (make/model/year) and he got a screamin' deal on it.

Currently, yogurt is Payton's favorite food.
Scoop, Eat, Wipe, Repeat

We also go the the mall and ride the carousel and play in their little indoor play area to escape the house and heat.

Grammy and Poppy rented a time share/beach house down in Freeport (just south of Galveston) so we went down there for a few days.
This little girl woke up with a fever the day we left, though :(
 Once we got to the beach she was happy.

We sold my Tucson :(
Since Nick got his truck I took over the Jetta we didn't need her anymore.

Selfie with my little girl!  Love her.

At the pool...again!

They started working on The Woodlands COSTCO....WAHOOOOOOOO!!!!

She did this all by herself and was very proud.