Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mason's Home!

Husband and I went "home" to Mesa from March 7th-March 14th.  It was so wonderful to be back and spend some quality time with my family.

March 7th- Tax Time
But before we could have any "FUN" we had to get down to business and visit Uncle Ray the CPA to do our taxes.  Hours after our plane touched ground in Arizona we were sitting in his office getting it done.  It's so great to have a CPA in the family.  Last year we got married, bought and sold a house, moved states, did work on our house in Texas that we own and rent out, I made some money (from my millions of different jobs that I'm technically self-employed in), and he of course made some money.  Trying to do it all on Turbo-Tax would have been a living Hell!  Ray got it done in just over an hour.  A week later we got our Federal tax return and our Arizona return should be here anytime.  BAM!  That felt good.

Then the FUN began.

March 8th-Tanny's Bridal Shower
Tannis got engaged on Valentine's day!  And she's getting married April 27th...yeah, THAT soon!  And being her big sister I HAD to throw her an awesome bridal shower.  Since I was already planning on being in AZ for Mason's homecoming this weekend I decided to hurry and throw one together for this trip.  It was a great success!  Yummy food, fun decorations, lots of great people, and she got loads of gifts!

March 9th- Elder Mason Rhett Crandell returns home from his mission in Boston, MA!
The ultimate reason why husband and I even planned this trip was to be there when Mason got home.  I'm so happy we sacrificed the money and time so we could be there.  Husband and I met and got married while Mason was on his mission.  So when Mason got off the plane at Sky Harbor and walked past security it was the first time husband and him met!  I cried a little.  I'm very close to Mason so it was really fun for them to finally meet.  It was pretty much complete chaos with everyone at the airport.  The kids all had balloons attached to them and they loved running around with them :)  Husband and I took our nieces Paige and Emery up and down the "Eskimos" to help keep them entertained.  It was cute how all the kids ran up to Mason to give him a hug.  My favorite was when my nephew Ian ran up to him and the first thing he said was, "Hi, Uncle Mason!  Do you want to come to my house and see my garbage trucks?"  The boy LOVES his garbage trucks.

March 10th- Family Pictures
1) Wear jeans with red, black, or grey top. 
2) Get everyone in the shot. 
3) Smiling, looking at the camera, and/or holding still...optional.

Photos by
She did a fantastic job!
By the way, do you notice the flowers on the orange and tangerine trees behind us?  It was the PERFECT time of year to be in Mesa because all the citrus trees were in bloom.  They not only look pretty, but the smell is fantastic.  Husband and I spent lots of time just sitting on my parents' front and back porches just basking in the great weather and the amazing aroma of the blossoms.  I'm convinced there is no greater smell on this earth.

March 11th- Mason speaks in church
He did a great job!  I'm so proud of my little brother and the man that he has become.  I can tell that his mission really has changed him.  If anyone knows of any single ladies...send them his way!  :)

March 12th, 12 am- Midnight run to In-N-Out
Long before husband and I started dating...actually, long before we even met...Mason would go on midnight runs to In-N-Out with his buddies.  {They went at midnight because by then it was technically not the Sabbath anymore.}  When husband and I started dating and it became apparent to me that he was just as much {if not MORE} of an In-N-Out fan as Mason, we started up the tradition again.  There were very few Monday @ Midnight In-N-Out trips that we didn't make while dating.  And when Mason got home we told him we'd take him on his first midnight run since getting back.  

March 12th to March 14th- Eat more In-N-Out and hang with Mason
These were some of the funnest days while in AZ.  It was great to just relax and spend time with Mason and the rest of the family.  

March 14th- Fly back to Houston

April 21st- Fly back to AZ for Tanny's wedding!