Thursday, April 30, 2015

April 2015

It's April which means it's BABY TIME!!!! 
My c-section is scheduled for April 9th.

It's seriously going to be so weird when it's not just Pay and I all day together!
I pray she likes baby Beck.

Getting good practice in for changing baby brother's diaper. Haha!

At Chick-fil-A she wasn't happy until she had a sandwich in each hand.

She had a blast trying on swimsuits. Can't wait for SUMMER!

She now insists eating her apples with peanut butter.

Last mommy-daughter date before baby brother arrives. We decided to indulge ourselves with frozen yogurt from Orange Leaf.

April 8th...the day before I go in to have my c-section to have Beck.
I am so nervous, scared, anxious, happy, and crazy excited!
Here I am 39 weeks and 3 days pregnant with Beck.

***See next posts about when I had Beck and our time in the Hospital***

This is the day we brought our little guy home.
 He's got the old man glare down.

Payton wasn't sure how she felt when he came home with us. 
Nick gave her a sucker and turned on a show to help calm her down.

Little brother.

She wanted to hold baby Beck.

Once Nick went back to work Grandma came to visit!
Payton was on cloud 9.

I could stare at his cute little face all day!

My birthday was April 17th and Nick surprised me with the beauties! This really was a surprise because he hardly ever buys me flowers.

He sleeps a lot.

And smiles a lot while he sleeps.

I absolutely LOVE this blanket my friend Ashlee Hoppes (Urry) made for Beck!

She made a caterpillar. 

After about a week of being cooped up in the house I just had to get out. So we tried Shipley Do-Nuts for the first time and had our very first kolaches. Then we took a trip to Costco...Beck's first trip there of many more to come!

Our first family selfie with Beck!

He's not really a fan of babies in general, but he sure is a fan of OUR babies.

Taking Grandma Susie to the airport.
Pay isn't too thrilled about it.

Beck waving "BYE" to grandma. Haha!

 My first day home alone with both kids was a success. I even managed to get both to nap at the same time (See picture above.) This was a miracle since Pay hasn't napped in probably 3 months.

Super Baby!

 Singing in the car with my girlfriend.

I borrowed my sister Tannis' Solly Baby wrap to see if I want one.
I do. I love this thing. And so does Beck!

Pay wanted a turn with her dolls.

This picture is my favorite because it shows when he woke up in his sleep, smiled, then went right back to sleep. It was the cutest thing in the world.

Another one. Love this happy boy of ours!