Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 2014

May seemed to be quite the busy month. Pay is literally running around everywhere and getting into everything. Nick and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary - even though it feels like we've always been together. And my mom, Tannis, and Jayne flew to Houston to visit us!

We also took some adorable pictures of Pay up at Brent and Jan's.

 Nick's grandparents {Lee and Willa} were in town.
Great-Grandpa Lee
For one of our mutual activities this month for YWs we gave the older Activity Day Girls makeovers. They ALL had a blast!
 Pay joined us and had a blast walking around and making friends with everyone.
For our 3 year anniversary we left Payton with Brent and Jan so we could go to Austin for 2 nights ALONE!  It was weird. But so great!  We missed our little girl, but it was great to be able to get away for a couple of nights. We went to the Texas State Capitol, ate at In-N-Out {A LOT}, shopped a little, saw a movie {X-Men: Days of Future Past}, and ate at Maggiano's Little Italy for our Anniversary. It was a wonderful trip!

There were a bunch of squirrels around and they would get real close.
This tree is pretty awesome.
The inside of the dome.
Texas State House of Representatives
The floor beneath the dome.
My mom, Tannis, and Jayne also came to visit us at the end of the month. We had a blast together!
We went to Berry Hill and Pay was throwing a FIT! So we gave her an ice cream cone and then she was happy...for about a minute :)
 Then we went to the splash pad and she was happy as could be. She LOVED it!
We got the girlies matching dresses!
Some more pics from the month.
 This is what we resort to when girlfriend wakes up before 6:30 am.
 Love her bed head.
 She LOVES bubbles and yells "Bu Bus" whenever she sees them!
 Sometimes you take pictures at the best {worst?} time.
She was trying to put her shorts on herself.
Picking tomatoes from Grammy's awesome garden.
She was holding this spider. HOLDING it!