Saturday, September 7, 2013

9 months

Payton is 9 months old and

28.25 inches long {50th percentile}
18 lbs 3 oz {50th percentile}
She is perfectly average...haha!

rolls around everywhere
crawls in circles, scoots backwards, and is starting to "crawl" forward
LOVES my parents' dogs (Tootsie and Toby)
says bababa, dadada, & mamama
points to things
likes to blow raspberries
reaches for EVERYTHING
loves to watch videos of Elmo and Cookie Monster
will pull her blanket over her face and pull it down to play peekaboo
bounces when she hears music
waves "hi"
will sometimes sit and concentrate on one toy or book or show for a good 30 minutes
claps her hands when she gets excited