Sunday, November 30, 2014

November 2014

Here's November! We were still in Arizona for the first part.

Payton is really beginning to mimic a lot of the things that I do. 
She loves to play with the pretend kitchen stuff.

She loves her sunglass...and eating her OWN In-N-Out burger :)  Haha!
I love these two girls together!
Going to one of our favorite places...COSTCO!!
When we drove up Payton saw the sign and shouted, "COSTCO!!! Daddy's work?? I see daddy?"

I played with this drum when I was her age.
Grandma Susie's house is full of dress-up clothes...Payton loved trying on all of the hats. This one was her favorite.

The weather was perfect and we played outside every opportunity we could get.

Organ Stop Pizza

Flying back to Texas :( It's always hard to leave Arizona.
Garden Ridge/At Home. 
Pay loves all the giant blow-up lawn ornaments.
Sometimes while shopping at Walmart I first get her a hamburger from McDonald's and I'm not even ashamed of it because it keeps her happy.
When we got back from AZ daddy surprised baby girl with her own table and chairs.

Ummmmm....your chair is over there.

Having fun at Pierce Welsh's birthday party!
(Payton, Pierce Welsh, Hayes Welsh, Jack White)
The Woodlands Costco is open!!! 
Nick was able to transfer and his commute is now only 4 miles, versus the 28 mile commute to the Willowbrooke Costco.