Friday, April 26, 2013

Family Pictures in AZ

At the end of January, husband, Pay, and I took a trip to AZ to visit mi familia.  We found cheap tickets through Spirit Air.  They were pretty inexpensive from Houston, but found that they were ridiculously cheap from Dallas.

So we booked our flights from Dallas to Phoenix and then coming back we decided to fly from Phoenix to Houston {with a stop and plane change in Dallas}.

I know what you're thinking, "But you live in Houston.  Why did you fly out of Dallas?  And how?" I said...they were cheap.  And we had husband's brother drive us up to Dallas.  We knew we could get him to take us because In-N-Out is in Dallas.  And if you knew one thing about husband's family it would probably be that all the men in his fam are OBSESSED with In-N-Out.  So husband's brother was more than happy to drive us the 3 hours up to Dallas so he could have In-N-Out.

I'm glad HE was happy about it because Pay certainly didn't enjoy it.  At this time she was only about 8 weeks old.  She was fine for the drive up, but the moment we got to In-N-Out it was just downhill from there.  She cried pretty much the whole time.  And we still had a bunch of time to kill until our flight so we did some shopping at Cheaper Than Dirt.  Brother-in-law then realized he had to get some work done {he's a real estate agent} so we had to find a Starbucks or a McDonald's or someplace that had Wi-Fi he could use.  It was pouring rain and as we're driving around trying to get a good Wi-Fi connection in the car Pay is SCREAMING!!!!  Once we found a place where brother-in-law could work I tried to feed baby girlfriend in the back seat of the car.  And let me tell ya...she did not like it.  She fought me the entire time!  Finally brother-in-law finished and we went to In-N-Out again where she was fussy the whole time.

At this point I'm a little terrified about the flight with her.  We'll be stuck on a plane where there will be many strangers who might not be so patient with a crying baby on-board.

So we get to the airport and go through security.  She's fussy the whole time.  So finally I get her blankie out and swaddle her and put her binkie in her mouth.  Within a minute she was passed-out cold in my arms.  And she stayed like that until we got to Phoenix.  No joke. She slept not only the whole time while we waited for our plane and waited to board, but also for the entire flight.

I then forgave her for being so rotten in Dallas :)

We had such a great time in AZ being with my family.

Pretty much all we did was eat good food and visit with family and friends.

And my brother, Brooks, took our pictures.

He's really a great photographer.  He's taken pictures of nature for quite a while now.  And recently he started taking more of people.  And let me tell ya...he's good!  I'm so happy with the pictures he took of us.

Owls, Squirrels, and Snakes...Oh My!

I am loving living in the "country" right now.  Now that spring is here the trees are so green and flowers are blooming all around.  Animals are also coming around a lot more.

Some of the animals we have around here are
Blue Jays

Yes...SNAKES!  But by that I mean SNAKE.  Just one.  I walked right outside my front door and there it was, hanging out right in the middle of the walkway.  Good thing I was paying attention and saw it.  Most days I just walk right on my merry way and don't look down.  Then I would have stepped on it.  Then it probably would have bitten me.  Then I would have screamed.  Then I would have panicked.  That would not have been fun.  

But I didn't step on it.

And it wasn't THAT big.  It was about 1 1/2-2 feet long and about an inch in diameter.  Although, it was a little thicker in some areas since it had probably just eaten a couple of lizards.

My first instinct was to run inside and grab my camera because I HAD to get documentation of the little guy.

My neighbor was outside so I called him over to see if he knew what kind of snake it was.  It's a Texas Garter Snake and is mostly harmless...non-poisonous and will eat all the bugs and small rodents you want!  

Okay!  I'll keep it around!

But I wasn't too keen on it staying there in the middle of the walkway, so we slowly approached it and it gradually backed off and slithered away. 

Here are some of the pictures I've taken of the animals around here.  I'm still working on getting some pictures of the blue jays and cardinals.  They are such pretty birds!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Month 4

I'm going to stop sounding so surprised at how much Payton is growing each month that passes...I promise.  Haha!

25 inches long {73rd percentile}
15 lbs 2 oz {69th percentile}

is very INTERESTED in rolling over from back to belly and ALMOST has it
is finally consistently sleeping through the night again {8:30 pm-7:00ish am}
smiles ALL the time now
has become much more happy
has a calm demeanor
is a pro at grabbing her toys hanging from her little gym
loves looking at herself in the mirror
is starting to talk and giggle more
likes her carseat again...YAY!
enjoys being outside and going on walks