Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December 2014

Payton is really starting to love Nursery.

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit!!!
Fun at Bear Branch park.

We went out to dinner and Pay would rather play with her food than eat it ;)

Fun at Bass Pro Shop!

What happens when momma leaves her alone for too long?? 
She plays with ALLLLLL the toys.

Grammy and Poppy got Payton a sand table for her birthday.
It's her new favorite!


Learning to cut her food.

Grammy and her girls.

23 weeks pregnant with Beck! We recently found out we're having a boy :)

Friday, December 26, 2014

The Christmas that Princess Pay was obsessed with Presents

Seriously people, Payton was absolutely obsessed with presents.

Having her birthday so recently did not help. In fact, I don't think it would have been an issue had she NOT just had her birthday and become completely infatuated with the whole unwrapping of presents and getting fun/new gifts.

Nonetheless, she loved 'em and Nick and I learned to never say the P word in front of her...or else a huge tantrum with screaming of the word  PRESENTS would ensue by a little tiny terrorist named Payton.

Christmas this year really was magical though! I've come to realize that I have so much more joy at Christmas when I get to experience it through Pay's eyes.  Even though she experienced it last year (and also technically the year before), she didn't remember so everything was new and exciting!  The Christmas lights.  The festive music.  The story of baby Jesus. The Christmas tree covered in lights in our living room. Pretty much anything to do with Santa Claus. Snow...even though we don't have it here she'd get excited if she saw it on a show she was watching. She loved everything about Christmas. Therefore, Nick and I loved it.

The hard part about Christmastime for me is that Nick isn't able to use vacation days during the months of November and December, so we can't spend the holidays with my side of the family. At least Nick's family is close by.  We spent Christmas Eve with them.  We ate fajitas and array of Christmas treats.  We attempted to play the White Elephant game, but the moment all the gifts were put out onto the coffee table Payton attacked them.  So we had to quickly begin the game so Pay could help open every single gift. It really was complete and utter chaos but we got through it.

Shortly after the game Santa came! The girls (Payton, Brooke, and Tatum) were totally surprised!  He started to pull out some gifts for the girls and Brooke and Payton walked right up to him. Tatum stayed glued to Shay. When Santa was about to leave I told Pay to give him a hug and she walked right up to him and gave him a big hug. It was adorable! And right after he left Brooke proclaimed, "I know that was Poppy!!!"  We all busted up laughing :)

Pay actually "slept-in" until 7 on Christmas morning. I think I actually woke up before her! Not to mention Payton usually wakes up more around 6. Once we were all out of bed we took Pay into the living room and brought out the play kitchen set from Santa.  She absolutely loved it!  She played with it pretty much all day.  We had a yummy breakfast of waffles with blueberry syrup, fried eggs, and bacon and then played with Pay and her kitchen set until Grammy and Poppy came over.

Once Grammy and Poppy arrived we opened the rest of our gifts. Pay particularly enjoyed the little wooden train set we got her. She also LOOOOOOVED helping to open everyone's gifts :)  Later on when Grammy and Poppy left we started feeling a little cabin fever and went for a walk.  Once it was dark we took a drive to look at Christmas lights.  Payton was in heaven and it was the perfect ending to a wonderful Christmas.

I'm grateful to have such a wonderful husband and a fun little daughter to share Christmas with.  And I'm so grateful for my Savior and that we are able to celebrate His magnificent birth!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

November 2014

Here's November! We were still in Arizona for the first part.

Payton is really beginning to mimic a lot of the things that I do. 
She loves to play with the pretend kitchen stuff.

She loves her sunglass...and eating her OWN In-N-Out burger :)  Haha!
I love these two girls together!
Going to one of our favorite places...COSTCO!!
When we drove up Payton saw the sign and shouted, "COSTCO!!! Daddy's work?? I see daddy?"

I played with this drum when I was her age.
Grandma Susie's house is full of dress-up clothes...Payton loved trying on all of the hats. This one was her favorite.

The weather was perfect and we played outside every opportunity we could get.

Organ Stop Pizza

Flying back to Texas :( It's always hard to leave Arizona.
Garden Ridge/At Home. 
Pay loves all the giant blow-up lawn ornaments.
Sometimes while shopping at Walmart I first get her a hamburger from McDonald's and I'm not even ashamed of it because it keeps her happy.
When we got back from AZ daddy surprised baby girl with her own table and chairs.

Ummmmm....your chair is over there.

Having fun at Pierce Welsh's birthday party!
(Payton, Pierce Welsh, Hayes Welsh, Jack White)
The Woodlands Costco is open!!! 
Nick was able to transfer and his commute is now only 4 miles, versus the 28 mile commute to the Willowbrooke Costco.