Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 2015

We took a trip to the Children's Museum of Houston with Grammy, 
Aunt Amber, Brooke, Tatum, and Brandon.

The little grocery store in the museum was easily Pay's favorite spot.


Fun with Tatum in the toddler area.

She also LOOOOOOVED the water area outside.

I took her away from the water because she was getting soaked. That resulted in a huge tantrum!
I finally whipped out these fruit snacks and then she calmed down ;)

A few days later I took her to the Woodlands Children's Museum.

This is one of her favorite areas...the rice buckets.

35 weeks pregnant with Beck!

I cut the tip of the nipple of Pay's paci to start weening her off of it.
It worked like a charm. She was completely over it just a few days later.

We go visit daddy at Costco.
Daddy: Do you want ice cream or a churo.
Payton: Ice cream
No wonder he's the favorite.

The Houston Rodeo was so much fun. 
The mutton busting was my absolute favorite!

Getting the stage ready for the concert.

Brantley Gilbert

The only way to keep her happy while shopping for tile.

Cousins = Best friends

Mowing the lawn with daddy.

We were going to start potty training Payton a month or so ago, but then we went out of town, we all got sick, and then I started getting really pregnant and lost all desire to potty train her. But we had already bought her a potty seat, so now she's just getting acquainted with it :)

Estele Farnsworth's birthday party at Harpers Landing park.

As excited I am about having this little boy, I sure am going to miss it just being me and Payton!

Looking for bugs and then killing them.

Breakfast with daddy.

The ladies in my ward threw me a wonderful baby shower!

Cathryn Parker was the host and she did an amazing job with decorations and food!

Tatum came over to play for a day and the girls had too much fun!

Pay has recently decided to veto taking naps, but she still manages to fall asleep in the car a lot.

I love watching her play independently.

37 weeks and 4 days pregnant with Beck.

Shopping at Walmart. Haha!

She had a blast at our ward's East egg hunt.
 She was pretty excited when she realized there was candy in the eggs.

Washing daddy's truck.

Easter Sunday dress

Fun with Joel's kids...MaKaylee and Zildjan.

She had fun helping daddy with some outside work and she made a new friend.