Monday, June 30, 2014

June 2014

So, technically it's September right now.  I'm trying to go back and ATTEMPT to put some posts together for the last couple of months.  The good thing is we have Facebook and Instagram (or InstantGram as the hubs refers to it) to look back on.  

Honestly, June seems like a blur.

The main thing to note is that I got released as 1st Counselor in the Young Women Presidency :(  I was seriously so sad, but I was at least prepared for the news.  Our president was moving (which was no secret) so we knew a change was going to be made soon. My new calling is Primary Secretary.  I love it.  I like being sort of behind-the-scenes.  It certainly tests my organizational skills, but I am enjoying it so far.

This was my last mutual with the YW. I'm sad I didn't bring my camera.  Blurry phone pictures will have to do.
 Our Presidency
Amy Noorda (President), Monica Wright (2nd Counselor), Me (1st Counselor)

Market Street Splash Pad

Coloring is a new favorite for Pay. I love that she already holds the crayon the right way.

Pay turned 18 months old...YAY!!!!  NURSERY!!!  Not.  She has loved going into Nursery for the past couple of weeks when I take her in for about 10 min.  Not today.  Now that she gets to go in OFFICIALLY she wants nothing to do with it.  Oh well, hopefully she'll get better with time.  We took these photos after church. She's such a ham sometimes. And I love her little ballet slippers :)
It makes me so happy when she lets me do fun things with her hair.

I found this little push tricycle for $30 on a facebook site. Pay didn't quite know what to think about it. I have a feeling we won't really break this in until October when it's cooler outside!

Mmmmm...hose water.

She threw a fit until I put her boots on. She calls them, "boos!" I think they pair nicely with her mis-matched jammies.

The hot and humid temps don't stop this girl from having fun outside!  She kicked this ball around for 30 min. Future soccer player???

I seriously LOVE this happy little girl and her pig tails!  Sometimes it is fun to have a girl.  Although, I did tell the hubs that when we have another kid I hope we have a boy (or a girl with no hair) so I don't have to worry about doing 2 little girls' hair :) Haha!

It may be raining but that doesn't stop Grammy from taking the girlies (Payton, Brooke, and Tatum) out for a ride. Haha!

We found this great trail in the neighborhood behind our house. I can't wait for a few months when it starts to cool down so we can start utilizing it more. Can you tell I don't like to be outside when it's hot and humid??

And of course we went to the Conroe pool a few times to cool off.