Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 2014

This month Payton has become a parrot - repeating nearly everything we say. I should say, she TRIES to repeat everything we say. You can't always understand her. But she tries. And it is adorable.
Seriously, put her outside and she'll pick flowers to her heart's desire.
 She can't wait to swim in our neighbor's pool.
 She's escaping now :(
 We watched the Women's Conference from home. Pay fell asleep.
 COSTCO is coming to The Woodlands!  This is the plot of land that it will be on on the NE corner of the 45 and 242. Nick will transfer to this one when it opens by November!
 She got a new chair and loves it.
 Such a lady!
 Left Pay with Grammy so we could go to TUCANO'S for my 29th birthday!
That is a beetle she's about to eat.
 Our ward's Easter Egg hunt
 An old man walked this dog to the park and plopped it right in the swing and pushed it. He loved it and so did Pay. She wouldn't stop giggling!
 First of all, I was the cool mom that forgot a basket, but we at least had this cute princess bag. 
Secondly, Pay didn't really get the idea she could put the eggs in her bag. She had more fun holding them all in her hands.
This girl looked BEAUTIFUL in her Easter dress.
 In January I started teaching a free Zumba class at the church. It's a blast and we have new people attend each week. On average we have 15-20 people attend each week.  It's so much fun!  It feels good to be teaching again.
Girlfriend's first REAL pig tails!
 She loves her Lalaloopsies and cowgirl hat from Grandma Susie
 She LOVES her Uncle Cory, especially when he takes her on the 4-Wheeler.
 She really loves pulling her wagon around.
 She still loves to go on walks!