Wednesday, August 12, 2015

May 2015

Beck's first girlfriend :)

I mean, seriously. This makes me so happy!

Love this outfit on baby boyfriend.

Spending some time outside with girlfriend and she stole my drink.

Love snuggling both my little kiddos.

Beck's first trip to Rudy's.

Pay loves to swing HIGH!

The pleasant weather is quickly fading so we're soaking it in as much as possible.

Mother's day with my cute little yay-hoos! 

Love shopping with cousins. Especially at Costco.

Nick's new toy.

He's a growin'.

This kid is such a great sleeper.

Pay's first swim in our neighbor's pool

So content.

All ready for church.

Sometimes we find snakes outside.

Giving brother kisses and his paci. I was really worried Payton would try to steal Beck's pacifiers and use them herself since we recently broke her of hers, but she has only joked about putting his in her mouth a couple of times. Haha!

Payton loves to join Beck in some tummy time.

I love this. I plop Beck on the pillow, he hangs out there for a minute, and then rolls right over right on top of Payton. Beck did it about 10 times and Pay thought it was hilarious.

The boy loves bath time and looks adorable wrapped up in his towel.

Happy happy 6 week old boy.

Cousin Brooke always asks to hold Beck.

A sure sign she had a good time at Grammy's.

Left the room for a few minutes and came back to this :) Haha! She's learning to share. Although, when I first found him he had one of Pay's purses on his face. Insert mini heart attack.

This girl hasn't napped in FOREVER and has NEVER just fallen asleep on the couch. This is a golden moment.

Hi cutie!

Cute and ready for church.

He's chubbing up a bit.

Love my kiddos and especially Beck's face.

Beautiful girl in front a beautiful field of flowers.

Chatting it up with Uncle Cory.

Love dressing them up for church.